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Asbury UM's Strategic Goals

Goal 1

Attract and Grow a Vibrant Multi-Generational Church that is Inviting, Engaging & Spiritually Rewarding

Obj 1.1   Create an upbeat and friendly worship experience for all ages which embraces both the standard and contemporary worship (blended service).

Obj 1.2  Continue to create a welcoming atmosphere for newcomers & congregants.

Obj 1.3   Develop a long-term plan to attract people (ages 1-100+) and families.

Obj 1.4   Create a marketing & promotions environment for all Asbury programs and events.

Goal 2

Spiritually Develop & Connect the Current and Future Needs of a Multi-Generational Church

Obj 2.1  Develop and sustain a vibrant educational program to include Bible Study, Sunday School, and Youth Programs.

Obj 2.2  Continue to grow programs, events and groups to connect and spiritually develop our members.

Obj 2.3  Provide opportunities and programming that tap into the needs of younger adults and families.

Obj 2.4  Minister to all congregants who can no longer attend church, e.g. homebound, those in extended care facilities, assisted living homes, hospitals, etc.

Goal 3

Serve God through Asbury Missions (Both Local & Global)

Obj 3.1  Enhance Missions to support specific, designated organizations and groups (global and local).

Obj 3.2  Plan and execute a series of local community-based Mission projects while engaging the entire congregation to support those projects.

Goal 4

Promote a Proactive Approach by Being Efficient and Effective Stewards of Financial and Human Resources

Obj 4.1   Develop an executive a budget which maximized support to critical programs providing spiritual support and development to our congregation.

Obj 4.2  Develop leaders & staff to be energetic, open, and supportive of one another and focused on a willingness to grow the church vision.

Goal 5

Maintain and Update Asbury United Methodist Church Facilities to support Current & Future Ministries.

Obj 5.1   Develop and implement a 1-3 year plan to revitalize/upgrade Asbury’s buildings and grounds to attract new members and be supportive of new ministries and programs.

Obj 5.2  Invigorate the Capital Fund Campaign into a dynamic, long-term plan and use funds for critical infrastructure, repairs/upgrades in order to fulfill Asbury’s vision.

COVID-19 Notice

Upon entering Asbury everyone must wear a mask and must keep the mask on until you are seated. If you are vaccinated, you may remove your mask once you are seated unless you are near children. You may choose your seat. However, we ask that you keep approximately 3 feet from others. On Sunday morning you may enter through the Sterling Street or Franklin Street entrances. The elevator is open at the Franklin Street entrance. Nursery Care is now open beginning at 9:00 A.M.. Sunday School is now open, beginning around 10:30 A.M.. We encourage you to contact the Asbury Church Office at 315-782-3240 for the latest information.