“Queen Esther” Bible Study w/ Max Bovee @ Parlor

Esther (the Queen)
5 Weeks – August 23 – September 27 (No Charge)
Monday Evenings at Asbury Parlor, 6:30-7:30 P.M.
Bring your Bibles

August 23: Queen Vashti Disobeys King Xerxes. Esther 1
Esther Becomes Queen Esther 2
August 30: Haman Plans to Destroy the Jews. Esther 3
Mordecai Asks for Esther’s Help. Esther 4
Sept. 6: Labor Day – No Class
Sept. 13: Esther Invites the King & Haman to Dinner. Esther 5
The King Honors Mordecai. Esther 6
Sept. 20: Haman Is Punished. Esther 7
A Happy Ending For the Jews. Esther 8
Sept. 27: The Jews Destroy Their Enemies. Esther 9
The Greatness of Xerxes and Mordecai. Esther 10

Synopsis: “The Book of Esther was set during the Persian Empire, an interesting period of Israel’s history. Those Jews who did not return to Jerusalem following Cyrus’s decree were still counted as God’s people and had a definite role to play in the future of Israel, thanks to Queen Esther coming to their defense with the King.”

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Asbury United Methodist Church

Rev.  Laura Calos- Pastor

Main Worship: 10:15 AM

Church Office Hours M-Th: 10am-2pm
Closed Fridays

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